When Do Puppies Get Easier? What to Expect and Do

Puppies, like people, require a lot of attention and patience to allow them to mature into healthy, happy adult dogs.

So, when exactly do puppies get easier? It doesn’t all happen at once. Here’s the basic rundown of what to expect and when. 

A Difficult Age

Puppies are generally adopted from about 8-10 weeks old. From that point, the first four to five months represent that period during which your pup learns the most about you and you about them.

The Puppy Blues

This early period of a dog’s development causes some stress for us as dog parents. Sometimes this is amusingly referred to as ‘The Puppy Blues.’

Here are some of the common challenges puppy owners face.

House Training

Nobody likes to clean up poop, much less from around your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. But these things will happen and will only rectify with time and training.


Teething is a tough time for pups as they feel all the irritation and pain of the process without really understanding how to cope with it. You are likely to feel it, too, as the whining and angsty behavior keep you from your sleep.

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