What Owners Need to Know About German Shepherd Husky Mix

There have been a lot of hybrids created with the German Shepherd, just like the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix. But, the Shepsky is becoming a favorite very quickly.

Here is everything that you need to know about the German Shepherd Husky mix so that you can make the best decision.

History and Origin of the German Shepherd Husky Mix

This crossbreed seems to have existed somewhat naturally over the decades. But, breeders have been intentionally creating Shepskies since the late 1990s in the Northern United States.  

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are famous for being hard-working sheepdogs that have also been used in law enforcement and as service dogs. This breed originated in Germany in 1899 primarily to herd and guard sheep.

Husky History

The Husky has a long history and heritage that dates back to when they were first bred over 3,000 years ago in Siberia as both sled dogs and companions.

This Hybrid Breed Needs a Lot of Exercise

This is the perfect dog for someone who lives an active, outdoor lifestyle. Shepskies crave time off of a dog leash, so some hikes in the hills or runs in the forest will be an amazing outing for them.

Shepsky Personality and Temperament

Your puppy‘s temperament will depend on which parent they take after but in general, they will be pretty calm and gentle. It is certain that you will have an immensely intelligent dog.

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