Useful Things to Know: What Does It Mean When a Dog’s Nose Is Dry?


Dog owners know that dogs have cold, wet noses and you’re told this is a sign of a healthy dog. If you’re used to your dog having a cold wet nose, it can be concerning when their nose is suddenly dry.

Most of the time, a dog’s dry nose isn’t anything to worry about. Read this post to find out what it means when your furry friend has a dry nose and why this can happen sometimes.

They Were Napping

If a dog doesn’t lick their nose for a long while, it will be dry. When they’re napping, they don’t lick their noses for a few minutes or a few hours.


Weather Change

Harsh elements like extremely hot or cold weather and harsh winds can dry out your dog’s nose. During winter, you might notice your dog’s nose is a bit drier than usual.


Their Age

As dogs age, their noses will become drier over time. This might be because older dogs sleep more than younger dogs and, therefore, won’t lick their noses when they’re asleep.



Allergic reactions like hives can dry a dog’s nose up. One of the first symptoms of environmental allergies or skin allergies is a dry nose.


It’s in Their Genetics

Some dog breeds just can’t reach their nose with their tongue. Short-nosed and flat-faced dogs like Shih Tzus, Pugs, Bulldogs, and Boxers are unable to lick their noses.


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