What Breed is My Puppy? | How to Identify Your Dog’s Breed

If you’ve just gotten a new pup and aren’t quite sure what breed it is, you may be questioning the various methods of figuring out what breed your puppy is?

5 Ways to Find out What Breed is my Puppy

Use Technology

Thanks to the improvement of cameras and recent app software, many apps online will help you figure out more or less which breed your dog is from a single picture.


Look at Breed Pictures

Some people also know what kinds of dog breeds their pup could fall under. Have a look at these features and see which ones resemble your puppy.



Speak to Your Vet

Your vet should have all of the information; they’ll at least be able to look at certain distinct features in your dog and will be able to tell you whether or not your dog is a mixed breed or purebred.


Compare Behavioural Traits

Some breeds are best known for their behavior.  While some behavioral traits are not as consistent among all breeds, they can lead you to ask the right questions.


Keep Your Eye on Physical Features

Whether you’re new to the dog scene or have been watching their adorable faces for years, certain physical features are pretty standard, specifically among common breeds.  

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