Key Things to Know I Toy Poodle Temperament

If you are thinking about welcoming a Toy Poodle into your family, you’ll likely be looking to find out more about the Toy Poodle’s temperament first.

Let’s find out why the Toy Poodle’s temperament might just make them the perfect match for you.


Toy Poodles are extremely people-oriented. This means that if you stay consistent with what you ask and you make your training routines fun, interactive, and positive, your pooch will jump at the opportunity to please you.



Swimming is a great exercise for these hounds – they love the water. Since they’re built as hunting dogs, their instinct is to retrieve.




The Toy Poodle temperament is playful, happy, and fun. Your pooch may be small but they require plenty of movement.


Socialization of Puppies

Puppies need plenty of socialization to instill them with the confidence they need around humans as adults.


Delicate Size

While their Poodle relatives come in around 15 inches at the shoulders, Toys stand no more than 10 inches tall. And a full-grown Toy Poodle may weigh only 4 or 5 lbs.

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