What You Need to Know About German Shepherd Poodle Mix 

If there are two breeds of dog that are almost universally known as companions, it’s German Shepherds and Poodles. Both have distinctly different reputations and personalities, but both were originally working dogs.  

This is what you need to know about the German Shepherd Poodle Mix.

Coat and Colors


Coats are generally soft to the touch, whether they are curly or straight. Unlike some other breeds, German Doodles do not come in a huge variety of colors. More than likely, your dog will be tan, black, cream, gray, or sable.



German Doodles can be quite large. At full size, they can weigh between 50 and 90 pounds. With two tall parent breeds, you can expect the dogs to be tall as well.



German Doodles appear somewhat rugged to the eye. They are not as genteel as Poodles may suggest, and also not quite as elegant as your typical prize German Shepherd.

The Silence of the Sheperdoodle


People have noted that these dogs are not big talkers, despite their friendly and rambunctious nature. They are surprisingly quiet for playful dogs of this size and seldom bark.

Training and Socialization


Thanks to their parent breeds and genetics, the German Shepherd Poodle Mix happens to be one of the best breeds to train and socialize.

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