Smells Dogs Hate | Keep These Odors Away From Your Pup


A dog’s sense of smell ranges between 10 000 to 100 000 times more precise than humans. There are several smells dogs love, like the smell of a grilled steak or a fellow furry companion.

Sometimes dogs act funny because it might just be food allergies. Still, It’s better to prevent than to treat sickness. Here are some smells that dogs hate and a few scents that repel them.



Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruit can cause irritation in their respiratory tract. So it’s best to avoid these scents in your home for your dog’s safety.



The strong, acidic smell of vinegar is too strong for a dog’s sensitive nose. Luckily, it isn’t toxic to dogs so it’s still safe to use around the house.


Hot Peppers

It’s not so much the pepper itself that’s the problem, it’s the chemical in the peppers that make it spicy. Capsaicin irritates a dog’s delicate nose.


Ground Spices

These are good repellents to use in the garden because your canine will avoid them and therefore won’t damage any flowers or plants.


Mustard Oil

Dogs hate the smell of mustard oil, so it’s also a good repellent to use. The strong scent is so powerful to dogs that they won’t come near it.

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