Things to Know About The Cute Pomapoo Breed


As far as adorable dogs go, the Pomapoo is right up there with the best ones. This toy breed, known as a “teddy bear dog,” is a designer dog resulting from a Poodle and Pomeranian mix.

Before deciding to get the adorable furball, there are some things you need to know first. Their personalities, training and activity needs, and grooming demands are just some things to consider.

Pomapoo Origin

The Pomapoo is a designer dog that comes from two different dogs. Its parent breeds are the Pomeranian and the Toy Poodle, which you may be able to tell from just looking at it.


Pomapoo Appearance

Despite inheriting genes from the Pomeranian and Poodle that have distinctly consistent looks, Pomapoos can vary in appearance.


Pomapoo Temperament

Poodles are outgoing and friendly dogs, while Pomeranians are the more reserved breed of the two. Both canines are known for being affectionate towards their family.



Being aware of what food is best for your dog and how much they should eat is essential to avoid obesity or malnourishment.


Pomapoo Health Concerns

Pomapoos are generally healthy dogs that don’t face some of the concerns that some breeds face.


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