Most Beautiful Dog Breeds You’ll Adore


A dog’s build, cuteness, color, face, pedigree and various combinations of all of the above can contribute to our views on the beauty of these animals.

Some prefer big dogs, some like fluffy dogs. So at the risk of omitting any of your favorites, and apologies in advance for that, here are 27 dog breeds that are just gorgeous.


Akita Inu

Akitas are deceptively heavy-set and revered in their native Japan as protectors. They have large heads and come in several colors.


Alaskan Malamute

They are often noted for their casually independent expressions, blue eyes and fiercely independent nature.


Australian Shepherd

They can show several colors in one coat and even show blue eyes. Legend has it that the native American people liked the dog, calling them “ghost eyes”.



Members of the breed are absolutely beautiful dogs, given their relatively small stature. They are highly attentive social animals, and they’re attractive to the eye.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Not all dogs can be described as cute and cuddly, but this big lug is the ultimate teddy bear, so to speak.

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