Ways to Make Introductions: Maine Coon and Dogs

Known as the “dogs of the cat world,” Maine coon cats are a type of breed known for their friendly and gentle demeanor.

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Establishing a good relationship between a Maine coon and dog is important from the get-go. These steps will set up the foundation for bonding between the two.

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Assess the Dog Breed and Background 

This is an important step to start with. Certain dog breeds have a high prey drive and thus, probably won’t do well with cats.


Create Two Different Spaces  

Set up two different spaces in your house, one for the Maine coon, and one for the dog. They need to be completely separated, so the two aren’t able to meet until you’re ready for them to meet.



Introduce Their Scents  

The power of scent in animals is strong. Before a Maine coon and a dog meet, introduce them to each other’s scents first.


Let Them Explore Each Other’s Spaces, Separately  

Once both pets seem content and relaxed in their separate areas, let them explore each other’s areas separately.


Let Them Observe From a Distance 

When these two animals are ready to meet, let them observe one another from a distance. This can be done by separating two rooms with a pet gate or putting them in separate cages or crates. 

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