Key Things You Need to Know: Labradoodle Temperament

Labradoodles have taken over the world and our hearts. These fluffy dogs are a favorite of many for their personality and lovable goofiness.

Here are 9 Key Elements of the Labradoodle Temperament.

Labradoodles are Incredibly Intelligent

This high level of intelligence means that they do need to be mentally occupied pretty often and have their minds challenged.


Their Temperament Suits First-Time Owners

It is because Labradoodles are so easy to train and they have a pretty calm yet excitable personality that they suit the confident first-time owner.



Their Personality Does Have a few Cons

- They Can Get a Little Anxious  - They Can Get too Over-Excited


Labradoodles are Loyal

They were bred in the first place to be service dogs so they are extremely loyal and compassionate to their family.


Their Personality Means That They Sometimes Need Motivation

Although they love to learn and are highly intelligent, they still can get bored and need some motivation to keep them interested.

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