Things To Know | How To Travel the World With a Dog

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Like travelling with a minor or a person with health issues, travelling with a dog requires extensive preparation.

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Let’s dive in and look at the crucial things to consider when travelling with a dog.

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Prepare for Delays or Connecting Flights

Temperatures in a non-pressurised cabin can fluctuate drastically. So prepare for flight delays by placing a few pints of frozen water, warm blankets, and a snuggly dog toy in the carrier to keep your fur buddy company. 


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Bring The Right Pet Travel Gear

Having your dog running off in a country that you are unfamiliar with will be a stressful moment rather than a cherishable one. So keep your dog on a leash — literally!


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Find All the Dog-Friendly Attractions & Restaurants

So get your hands dirty and research all the dog-friendly landmarks, activities, and restaurants at your destination.

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Find Your Pup Some Friends

Dogs are social animals — they love interaction, play-dates, and running around unrestricted. In addition to finding places that will allow your dog in, find spots that specifically cater to dogs.

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Plan Ahead

While the idea of taking a spontaneous trip with your dog may be very enticing, that’s not quite how it works. You’ll need the proper medical and travel paperwork before jet-setting with your pup.

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