German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix | Everything You Need to Know about the Shepweiler

What do you get when you cross the purebred Rottweiler and German Shepherd – both of which are some of the most desirable breeds in the world? You get the adorably fun-loving, obedient, and courageous Rottweiler Shepherd.

If you fancy a strong, stoic, and hard-working dog, then you can’t find two breeds more similar than the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler.

Shepweiler Temperament and Personality

Shepweiler certainly takes after its parent’s in the sense that they thrive when they can be both mentally and physically stimulated.  

Shepweiler Size

They will usually reach heights between 22 and 28 inches at the shoulder. But this can definitely vary on the smaller or larger end.


Your German Shepherd Rottweiler mixed pup will need plenty of socialization from a young age to manage their temperament and natural inclination to protect at all costs.

Shepweilers Around Children and Pets

Your German Rottweiler mix will make for excellent playmates for your kids. They get along with children of all ages but it’s important to teach your youngster safe play when it comes to your Shepweiler.


In order to be happy and fulfilled, these gorgeous Shepweilers are in need of a lot of love and stimulation – both mentally and physically.  

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