Things You Need to Know About the Golden Mountain Doodle

Years of cross breeding with different dogs provided humans many options when it comes to designer dogs with great mentalities.

The Golden Mountain Doodle is one example of a cross-bred dog, it comes with an adorable size and a friendly attitude.


The Golden Mountain Doodle is an amazing hybrid made of three different parent breeds, which allow them to attain its signature fluffy coat and size.


Attitude and Training

Some aspects of the attitudes from all three of the original breeds spills into the Golden Mountain Doodle, making it an extremely popular family breed of dog. 




The Golden Mountain Doodle comes in multiple sizes, but the standard size of the dog is quite large. They can be as tall as 25 inches and more, and adult Golden Mountain Doodles can weigh more than 70 pounds.



Golden Mountain Doodles are extremely popular because of their intelligence, loyalty, ease when training, looks, and its hypoallergenic fur.


Physical Health

As the Golden Mountain Doodle is a mix of three different breeds, they can only suffer from health problems that are common to all three breeds.

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