Reasons to Know Why Does My Dog Drool Around Puppies

We usually associate drooling with wanting to eat a tasty treat, so when your adult dog drools around your new puppy, it’s easy to get alarmed.

It may be weird, but here are five of the top reasons for that extra slobber dripping from your dog’s jaws.

Your Dog is Stressed


Meeting a new puppy is quite an event for a dog that already lives in your house. It can be confusing and scary for them, and their anxiety might kick in the hyperactivate drooling process.

Your Dog is Excited


One of the first signs of over-excitement is drooling, followed by intense tail-wagging, panting, and even pacing around the pupper.

They Might Be Jealous


Jealousy is a strong emotion similar to stress that your furry friend can experience, and when they do, they might drool much more than usual. 

Their Sex Drive is Being Activated


You wouldn’t think a puppy can kickstart a sex-driven reaction, but pheromones don’t lie. If your pup is old enough to start becoming sexually mature or is already in heat, it’s rare but possible.

They’re Experiencing a Medical Issue


Dental problems are the main culprit when it comes to medical-related excessive drooling, but respiratory problems, liver disease, and even rabies are all possibilities.

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