Black Dog Breeds You’ll Adore

All pups are undeniably adorable with their wagging tails and endearing smiles. But, there’s something special about black dog breeds that make individuals gaze in awe.

Here are list of the most beautiful dog breeds that boast a mesmerizing black coat.

Black Russian Terrier

These dogs are affectionate and protective towards their families and are known as the Pearls of Russia.


Belgian Sheepdog

These herding dogs are known as workaholics and are highly trainable and active. Standing between 22 to 26 inches tall, these large pups have a big heart and thrive on loving relationships.



Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog breed is a Sennenhund dog from the Swiss Alps. These large canines typically feature a tricolor coat (black, white, and tan), and black is the most dominant.



If you’re looking for a spunky little black dog with an affectionate and energetic personality, the stunning Schipperke might be the one for you.



Poodles have a puffy appearance with four size varieties: toy, miniature, medium, and standard. Most Poodles showcase a solid coat, with black being a common color.

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