Big White Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love

There’s something about a big white dog that just makes people gush and gape in awe.

Here are 27 big white dogs and the reasons why we love them.

Afghan Hound

Afghans are among the most unique-looking dogs. They have long, silky hair, an aristocratic feel about them, and even resemble fashion models with their long limbs.



The look of the Akbash is very ‘normal,’ somewhat resembling a tall retriever. It is, however, a purebreed, and known by a few other names like Coban Kopegi and Akbaş Çoban Köpeği.



Akita Inu

 Akita Inu were used as protectors for royalty in feudal Japan, and their air of nobility seems to have carried through this Japanese dog breed throughout the years.


American Bulldog

Is muscular, beefy, and has a face some would describe as perfect for radio. But it is taller and leaner, making it an altogether prettier incarnation of the bulldog clan.

American Bull Terrier

Bull terriers appear as comically-shaped bodybuilding dogs with a big smile and wonderful social disposition.


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