Big White Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love

Fluffy large white breeds seem to attract more attention; perhaps because they somehow seem more regal, perhaps they seem more aristocratic.

Here are 27 big white dogs and the reasons why we love them.

American Eskimo

This dog is easily trainable, even if it has a stubborn streak. Eskies were used as circus dogs and were actually the first dogs trained to walk a tightrope.


Berger Blanc Suisse

Like its German cousin, the Swiss Shepherd has classically beautiful physical features – that of a working dog. But it has a much gentler personality than other shepherd breeds.



Canadian Eskimo Dog

This is a dog that is better suited to an experienced owner. Canadian Eskimo dogs aren’t known for being overly friendly, especially towards strangers.


Clumber Spaniel

You may feel that a spaniel typically doesn’t classify as “big.” But a clumber spaniel is the largest of the spaniel family, standing at 20 inches and weighing up to 85 lbs.


Dogo Argentino – Argentine mastiff

You have to love the name alone. Aside from that, this dog is a real character, used as a pack-hunting dog to pursue boar and other dangerous prey like pumas.

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