Least Aggressive Dog Breeds | Friendliest Dog

When you start looking for a dog, you have probably looked up the least aggressive dog breeds, which is why you’re here.

To aid you in your search, this list contains 23 of the least aggressive dog breeds and an overview of their personalities.


Brittany Spaniels are sweet-tempered, sensitive, and love to please. Their friendly and peaceful disposition makes them thrive in a calm environment.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These affectionate and curious creatures require a lot of attention. However, they are well-behaved and loyal.



Bergamasco Sheepdog

With their shaggy coats, the robust Bergamasco Sheepdog may be intimidating at first, but they have such sweet and gentle personalities.


Labrador Retriever

Another iconic and popular family dog, Labrador Retrievers are gentle and easy-going dogs. They are as friendly as they come but also highly energetic.



These affectionate toy breeds pretty much invented the term lap dog. Along with being a low-maintenance breed, they are also very friendly, caring, and docile.

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