White Big Fluffy Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love 

When it comes to white big fluffy dog breeds, there are a few that are teddy-bear-like and others that are made to work.

What breed you choose ultimately depends on what you want from one of these fur balls.

Siberian Husky

Huskies are on the smaller side when compared to other big dogs, with their thick fur making them seem bigger than they are.



What has to be the most different and unique-looking breed on this list, if not the world, is the corded white coat that covers the Komondor. This dog was bred to guard sheep and blend in perfectly with that unique coat.



Ukrainian Shepherd Dog

With their laidback attitude, these dogs don’t require a lot of attention but love a large space to roam around in. All that fur might already be giving you anxiety but they actually don’t shed that bad.


White American Shepherd

A cousin to the German Shepherd, the White American Shepherd is essentially the same dog but with a white coat.


Polish Tatra Sheepdog

The fluffy coat of theirs is made up of a dense underlayer which is soft when compared to the outer layer – which can feel stiff to some.

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