Possible Reasons Why Does My Dog Sleep on Me

Many dog owners wonder why their believed pooches like to snooze on top of them throughout the night.

So if you’ve found yourself at a loss about your canine’s sleeping habits then rest assured, this article will cover all your questions and concerns. Read on to dive right in.

The History of Wild Dog Packs


Much like all animals, dogs have deeply ingrained instincts that have remained even long after dogs became domesticated.  

Dogs Also Lie on Other Dogs


In the wild, it’s normal for wolves and wild dogs who live in packs to assert dominance over one another.

Dogs Assert Their Dominance By Lying On Other Dogs


When there is more than one dog in your household, it’s normal for one to try to assert their dominance by lying on the weaker dog.  

They Like Leaving Their Scent


You may have noticed your precious pooch brushing up on things like the side of the couch, another dog, or even you. This is a classic display of their unique pack characteristics.

It Could be a Bad Habit


If your pup has made you their pillow, then it’s helpful to establish when the habit began. If they’ve been doing it since they were a puppy then the behavior will be a little more solidified.

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