Things You Need to Know About Akita German Shepherd Mix

If you deem yourself a German Shepherd fan or you’ve heard all about the intelligence of the Akita Inu, then this mix breed will certainly intrigue you.

This guide will cover all things Akita German Shepherd for anyone looking to add one of these fur babies to their family.

The History of the Sheptika


This mix-breed originated in the 1800s in Germany, and once it became clear how intelligent they were, they were specifically bred specifically for sheep herding.



These high-strung hounds are extremely athletic and need plenty of exercise in order to burn off some of their boundless energy.

Can These Dogs Live in an Apartment?


While Sheptika’s can technically live in an apartment, having a big backyard is ideal for these active canines to run around and survey.



Fortunately, training a Sheptika is a breeze compared to some other breeds out there, thanks to them being whip-smart and eager to please.

Does an Akita German Shepherd Make a Good Family Dog?


The stoic yet fun-loving nature of these pooches makes them excellent family members, and they will take this role very seriously.

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