Paw Patrol Dog Breeds | Mighty Pups in Real Life

Image by Anja from Pixabay

If you haven’t heard of the Paw Patrol pups, you’ve either been hiding under a rock or you don’t have kids.

Image by Sally Wynn from Pixabay 

From Dalmations to Labradors, these Mighty Pups are on a roll. Here are the top 13 breeds of your favorite animated doggos. 

Zuma the Chocolate Labrador


This Paw Patrol superstar is all about the water! Zuma loves to surf, and while his real-life counterparts might not have their own boards, they were built for swimming.

Image by Jeff Klugiewicz from Pixabay 

Everest the Siberian Husky


Everest is enthusiastic, affectionate, and adorable with those perfectly blue eyes that are so common to Siberian Huskies.

Tracker the Chihuahua


Tracker can hear things before they happen — at least, that’s what he says. Similarly, Chihuahuas have fantastic hearing and don’t miss much, whether it’s the sound of mom waking up or the vacuum at the other end of the house. 

Image by Zoli from Pixabay 

Tuck and Ella the Golden Retrievers


Outgoing and loyal, making you happy puts the biggest wag in their tail. In terms of training, they’re unbelievably intelligent, hence their frequent use as guide dogs and search-and-rescue canines.

Rex the Bernese Mountain Dog


This little Paw Patrol pup is known for his sweetness and caring, but Rex looks tiny compared to his big, strong, real-life counterpart.

Image by Nadine Doerle from Pixabay 

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