Dog Sleeping Positions

Even when you’re not around, dog sleeping positions can reveal a lot about what your dog is feeling physically and emotionally, and how it feels about the immediate environment.

Let’s find out what all of this may mean, and what you can learn about your pup’s state of mind while it is sleeping.

Back to Back


Sometimes, a dog will prefer to sleep with its back against another dog in its pack, or even against you. Strangely a dog lying with its back against you is a very affectionate, trusting, and loving position.



Some dogs have a natural tendency to dig and burrow. They even do this when it comes to finding a place and position to sleep.

Cuddler Bug


The cuddler bug is cute and adorable for dog owners because it usually involves their dogs climbing on top of them to curl up and sleep in a lap.



The name is taken from the round shape of the dog curling up in a circular position. Everything comes in close, into a tightly wound ball, in a sense.

Dead Cockroach


In this position, you’ll see your dog dropped into a deep sleep, lying partly on its side, but with its belly facing half upward.

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