Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Reveal About Your Dog

Dog sleeping positions can reveal a lot about what your dog is feeling physically and emotionally, and how it feels about the immediate environment.  

Let’s find out what all of this may mean, and what you can learn about your pup’s state of mind while it is sleeping.

Lion’s Pose

If you can imagine a lion (or your cat) lying squarely on its belly, with its head resting calmly on its paws, you can see The Lion’s Pose.


On Its Back

Much like the dead cockroach, the on-the-back pose is largely about releasing heat through the paws and lighter fur on its belly.  



On Its Tummy

This is a more standard resting position, similar to the lion’s pose. Basically, it’s a simple way to catch some rest without necessarily committing to total sleep.


Raised Head and Neck

You may have come across a dog that prefers to “sleep like a human” in the sense that they prefer to have their head resting upon a pillow.


Side Sleeper

When a dog lies on its side with its legs extended out to the one side, they seem very content to just grab a few minutes of calm rest.

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