Best Behaved Dog Breeds You’ll Love

Everyone wants to have the perfect dog that will keep them and their family entertained but not cause a ruckus every time some friends come over.

This list has some of the best-behaved dog breeds to own so you can have peace of mind that they won’t tear up your couch when you make a quick grocery run.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier Spaniels are incredibly friendly and can be left alone with children. They’re also very easy to train and known to be quiet and well-behaved.



Beagles may be small but are larger-than-life when it comes to their personality. This is a people-pleasing breed that makes amazing companions with a joyful nature that loves to play.



Boston Terrier

Bostons are known to be incredibly intelligent, sometimes a little much for their own good.  But they have a stable mindset and are generally quiet dogs who only bark when they need to.



Labradors are outgoing and friendly dogs that make fantastic companions, service dogs, and guide dogs. They also make amazing family dogs that love children and playing with other pets.


French Bulldog

They love attention and are incredibly playful but intelligent, making them very easy to train. Don’t worry about any yapping either, as Frenchies hardly bark but will do so if they sense any danger.

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