Reasons Why Do Dogs Bark at Night

Our dogs are our friends. And we love them to bits. But even our best friends do things that annoy us even if they don’t intend to. With dogs, it’s that infuriating habit of barking at inappropriate times.

This guide will also look at a few possible ways to change the behavior by either removing the cause or altering the response. Here’s why your dog is barking at night.

Your Dog is Hearing Strange Noises


One of the first theories that will come to owners’ minds is that the dog is barking because it hears strange sounds emanating from outdoors.

There May Be an Environmental Problem


You may not have thought about whether the room your dog sleeps in is bothering it. Believe it or not, even dogs suffer from environmental stress.

Doggo is Bored


Some breeds need constant stimulation and exercise. If your dog isn’t getting enough of these in the course of a day, it may act out even at night while you are trying to sleep.

Your Dog is Suffering from Separation Anxiety


If your dog is a social breed that loves to be around you but is suddenly expected to spend all night on its own, it could trigger nervous barking and even destructive behavior.

You’ve Accidentally Taught Your Dog to Bark


If when your dog first started barking, you fawned attention upon it every time, you may have reinforced the idea that when it barks, you’ll respond.

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