Things to Know About German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

Here comes best in the show, one beautiful showstopper – the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix. This unique designer breed is a mix between the high-spirited Australian Shepherd and the fiercely courageous German Shepard.

So, if you’ve already set your sights on this handsome, active dog, you should know – you have good taste. Keep reading this guide to find out what it takes to raise this pup.

The Appearance of the German Shepherd Aussie Mix


This hybrid is most likely to have a fluffy, plumed tail that can be long or short. This will be dependent on which parent breed they take after.

Grooming the German Shepherd Aussie


Since their coats are primarily straight hairs, you can use a comb and a de-matter at least twice each week.

German Shepherd Aussie Mix’s Temperament & Behaviour


The German Shepherd Aussies are hard workers and should be provided with entertainment to combat boredom. Because of their confidence and smarts, they excel in high-pressure jobs.

Cost of a German Shepherd Aussie Mix


You can find German Shepherd Aussie puppies for $500 to $2,000.

Training the German Shepherd Aussie Mix


Don’t be worried about training this high-energy dog – in fact, their high energy makes them easier to train.

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