Bald Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love

Image by Aleksander Tarlokov from Pixabay 

Bald is bow-wow-beautiful, if you ask some dog lovers, and hairless puppers are on the up-and-up in terms of popularity.

Image by Popovicmjeljica from Pixabay 

Here are some of the best baldies you could hope to have in your home. 

Image by Distelfink on Pixabay 



Their adorably wrinkled heads make them look like they’re concentrating really hard, while their muscled bodies have a “don’t mess with me” vibe. 

Image by Anders Mejlvang from Pixabay 

Abyssinian Sand Terrier


They’re quiet with a calm temperament, despite their energetic enthusiasm for walkies. Their appearance can vary, with some being solid colors and others having mottled markings.

Image by Sarah Hartwell from Wiki Commons 



While many of the dogs on this list can sport some tufts of hair, the Jonangi isn’t completely hairless — rather it has a super short, smooth coat that’s practically invisible.

Image by Wedichunt from Wiki Commons 

Ecuadorian Hairless Dog


They tend to be smaller with long legs and have a tuft of hair on their head. They’re also very energetic with a strong prey drive, so keeping them occupied with a chase toy like a flirt pole will do them a world of good. 

Image by Perro Calvo from Wiki Commons 

Hairless Chihuahua


You can expect pretty much the same from a hairless Chihuahua as one that sports a coat; they just have a genetic defect that caused them to be fur-naked.

Image by Paradais Sphynx from Wiki Commons 

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