Welcome to the frat party aka I’m not socializing my puppy that way so go away

There are many frat parties where someone might invite you to come with your dog however, this is usually not recommended. That said, we are not saying that you should avoid taking your dog to new places. In fact, going on a walk with your dog can be one of the most fun experiences that you can have. Your dog will love it too and this can be great for their health and yours as well.

Going on walks though do require some preparation. You don’t want your dog rushing into traffic or places you want to avoid and this is where the dog leashes come in. If you are a new owner then you might not have picked the right one for your dog yet and now is the time.

You will also need a harness and if your dog is still just a puppy then you will need to choose a harness that is intended for small dogs. You can always change the harness later on. There’s 100s of options in the market so we have curated a list of the best dog harness for small dogs that you can pick from. Take a look at our best picks now!