Things You Need to Know: Zuchon Dogs


Imagine dreaming of having a teddy bear that came to life and that you could play with? Well, it may not be a teddy bear, but the Zuchon is a dog that looks like an actual bear.

That you can play around with and take on walks. This little breed is an amazing companion that will be the perfect addition to any family.

What is a Zuchon?

The Zuchon is a designer dog breed that goes by quite a few names, with Teddy Bear dog and Shichon being other names that are often used.


History of the Zuchon

Zuchons are a pretty new breed that originated in the United States and is gaining popularity at a rapid pace in houses throughout America.


Their Gentle Nature Makes Them Popular Therapy Dogs

Their loving and caring nature, along with their love to be next to their owners, make them amazing companions for anyone suffering from an illness, physical or mental.


They Will Fit Into Any Lifestyle

These doggos are incredibly versatile with the space that they need to live in. They are equally happy in an apartment or a small property.


Zuchons are Highly Trainable

These teddy bear look-alikes are actually very easy to train. They tend to see themselves more as a tiny human instead of a dog, so it will mimic its owner’s behavior.


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