Why Is My Dog Panting and Restless? | When to Relax and When to Call the Vet

A panting dog is quite normal. Unlike humans, dogs don’t have sweat glands and instead sweat through their paws and nose or pant to regulate their body heat.

But, if you may be wondering: why is your dog panting and restless at night, and is it normal? There might be another reason for this pattern.


(Flat-Faced) Breed

Due to their genetic disposition, these ‌flat-faced breeds have shorter bones in their noses and faces. This causes airway problems.


To Cool Off

Simply put, when dogs pant, they move hot moisture-filled air in and out. This air evaporates moisture from their tongues and wet noses, which allows them to cool down.



You might have noticed them eagerly trotting around and panting excessively when you tell them it’s time for their walk or if you reach for their treats.


After Playing

Your dog might become restless if they have pent-up energy. An excellent way to burn energy is to go outside and play with them for a bit.



Sometimes dogs become restless because they’re anxious. Just like humans during anxiety spells, they might start shaking and panting too.

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