Why Doesn’t My Dog Like Me? 6 Possible Reasons Story


Possible Reasons Why Doesn’t My Dog Like Me

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Most dogs enjoy being near their owners as much as possible, which is why it’s confusing if you find out yours doesn’t want to be around you.

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If your dog doesn’t care for you, it’s because you are doing things that make it feel unsafe or annoyed by your habits.  Here are some things you might be doing that they don’t like.

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Confusing Body Language

We might think we’re giving our dog positive vibes with our body language, but that may not be the case if we give off mixed signals.


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Some dogs dislike hugging because it makes them feel vulnerable. Hugs make them unable to move and feel surrounded, but it may be okay for some breeds, depending on how much your dog loves you.


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Improper Touching

To you, it’s your way of showing love, but it’s important to respect boundaries if you want to improve your bond and stay away from their ears and tails.

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Performing Pranks

YouTube has many videos on its platform of individuals messing with their dogs and teasing them with tricks. It may seem funny to you, but a sensitive dog may feel traumatized and betrayed, making them trust you less. 

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Bad Situations

Due to past experiences, your dog may fear some animals, individuals, or places. If you keep putting them in front of either of the three, they won’t ever feel happy and will hate you for being the one to be the source of their trauma.

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