Reasons Why Does My Puppy Sleep On My Head

It may be cute the first few times your furry friend sleeps on your head. They’re trying to be close to you, and it’s very sweet.

Here are the most common reasons behind your pup sleeping on your head and whether or not it’s a sign of a behavioral issue.


Your pup sleeps on your head for security and comfort. As the owner, you are the alpha, and they know you will protect them from predators.


They Are Protecting You

Your head is the most vulnerable part of your body, and thus your furry friend will sleep on it to keep you safe.



They Might Want The Pillow

Your puppy sleeping on your head might not have anything to do with you. They might want your pillow instead.


Separation Anxiety

Dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety disorders, just like humans. And these disorders can affect the quality and amount of sleep they get and the positions they sleep in.


Social Status

We keep reiterating that dogs are pack animals, but this influences many of their behaviors. There is a pecking order, with one pack member being considered the alpha or leader.

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