Reasons Why Does My Puppy Lick Me So Much


Puppies are like giant balls of hair and fur wrapped around a tongue. Most of everything they do is centered around that particular organ.

It’s so important to their understanding of the world, and they deploy it at every opportunity.   But that does sometimes leave us as humans baffled and asking, “why does my puppy lick me so much?”


Greetings, Human!

The first and most obvious situation in which your puppy would lick you is when they see you after a while apart.


Love and Affection

A biological reaction to this feeling is the release of dopamine and various endorphins that just feel good.


Are You OK With the Feelings?

A 2012 study showed that when some people are feeling low and depressed, their dogs have displayed concern by cuddling up and licking their humans.


May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Humans cannot ignore being licked, so it’s a convenient coincidence that something pups love doing rewards them with something else they love — attention!


All in Good Taste

Here’s something you may feel awkward about. Humans generally taste good to dogs. Of course, some taste better than others, especially after they’ve been working out or eating.

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