Potential Reasons Why Does My Puppy Lick Me So Much

Puppies are like giant balls of hair and fur wrapped around a tongue. Most of everything they do is centered around that particular organ. It’s so important to their understanding of the world, and they deploy it at every opportunity.  

Let’s take a dive into what makes puppies lick you (and probably everything else they come across).

Greetings, Human!

Licking is a manner of greeting for dogs. You’ll notice tail wagging, excitement accompanying it, and sometimes lots of jumping around.


Love and Affection

In this greeting action, the associated emotion is love and affection. A biological reaction to this feeling is the release of dopamine and various endorphins that just feel good.



Are You OK With the Feelings?

Puppies might instinctively pick up on emotional aspects of your behavior. Similarly, they might do the same when they themselves are feeling sad or lowly.  


May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Humans cannot ignore being licked, so it’s a convenient coincidence that something pups love doing rewards them with something else they love — attention!  


All in Good Taste

Here’s something you may feel awkward about. Humans generally taste good to dogs.  Aside from your very unique scent and taste, puppies learn to understand their family members and environment this way, too.  

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