Reasons Why Does My Puppy Have Loose Stools at Night

Waking up to the sight and smell of doggy diarrhea can be equal parts alarming, annoying, and just plain gross.

Here are some of the most common reasons for those late-night loose stools. 

Dietary Changes

In general, dogs can be sensitive to a change in diet, but a puppy is more likely to encounter these changes a few times in a short period of time.


Food Intolerance or Allergy

Just like us, our doggos can have allergies or intolerances to certain foods. Dairy, beef, egg, chicken, and corn are all common reaction-inducing allergens for your puppy.




It happens to humans too, believe it or not. When stress hits, your canine companion’s gut can be affected, and the result can be a sudden or recurrent episode of diarrhea.



Puppies need frequent deworming in the first several months of their lives. At this age, their immune system is still developing so it’s still fairly weak.


Dietary Indiscretion

Dietary Indiscretion refers to a change of eating habits where your dog becomes less fussy about what they’ll eat and begins to eat things that are potentially bad for them. 

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