Reasons Why Does My Dog Snore

Like humans, dogs snore because air movement in their nasal passages and airways has become disrupted.

There are several reasons that your dog may snore, including its sleep position and breed.

Sleep Position


If your dog is used to sleeping on its back, this is the likely cause of the snoring keeping you up at night. When dogs sleep on their backs, their tongues return to the throat.

Your Dog’s Breed


Dogs with short snouts are known as brachycephalic. Brachycephalic dogs are more likely to suffer from breathing complications than non-brachycephalic dogs. 



Like humans, dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies. If your pup only snores in one season, it might be a sign that it’s allergic to something.

Your Pup Has a Cold


Another condition shared by both pups and humans is infections and colds. If your dog sneezes and has a runny nose or watery eyes along with sudden snoring, it’s likely a sign that your canine is suffering from a cold.

Upper Respiratory Damage


Some several conditions and infections cause damage to your pup’s upper respiratory system. One of these is the common cold.

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