Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish? 5 Reasons Story


Reasons Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish

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Dogs are one of the best beings to ever exist on this planet. They’re loyal and friendly creatures that make excellent companions. But they don’t always have the freshest smell.

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Let’s explore the most common reasons for your dog smelling like fish.

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Anal Sac Disorders

If your dog has an anal sac infection, it will receive a round of antibiotics.  The symptoms are similar to an impaction — a fishy smell, scooting around, and excessive licking of their anus.


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Your Dog Has Teeth Problems

In general, your dog’s breath should not smell too strong. However, if a fishy smell starts resonating from their mouth, that may be cause for concern.


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Fishy Urine from UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are the most common reason for fishy-smelling urine. Luckily it’s an easy cure. If your vet suspects a UTI, they will put your dog on a round of antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria causing the infection. 

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Your Female Dog Has a Vaginal Issue

There are many causes of vaginitis, including a UTI or fecal matter coming into contact with the vagina. This can induce the natural bacteria to change and cause an infection.

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Yeast Infection

This condition can cause a fishy smell to radiate from your furry friend. The area will also be red and itchy, and there can be a build-up of brown yeast that needs to be cleared away.

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