Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me and Not My Husband?

Dogs are pack animals. They have a natural instinct to group into families, so when you are a family unit, it’s no surprise that they will do as many things with you as possible.

Why it chooses you over your partner may have a lot to do with your individual relationship with the pooch. So let’s look into the context of why your partner might be the mattress of choice.


It just so happens that if your partner were the one to associate with vet visits and leashed walks, and you are the one with treats and cuddles, that’s the way the choosing goes.


Emotional Bonds

The relationship between this and whether or not it’s connected to time spent together is uncertain. Observers have noted that loyalties can shift over the course of time.



Temporary Love

Ok, it’s unfair to call it temporary love, but if you feel that a lot of excitement is in the air when either you or your partner comes home, don’t mistake it for a preferential choice.


Awkward Odors

Researchers have found that sometimes dogs find certain smells off-putting. In people, this could be perspiration or a result of alcohol, smoking or other diet issues.

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