Why Does My Dog Nibble on Me Story


Reasons Why Does My Dog Nibble on Me

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If you want your dog to stop its odd nibbling habit that sometimes hurts you, the goal should be to figure out why it’s nibbling on you in the first place.

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Whether it’s gnawing, biting, or mouthing issues, there is always a reason which will take some effort to figure out.

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Nibbling is a behavior dogs perform since they were puppies and bring the habit into adulthood. It’s a coping mechanism to help them calm down when faced with a stressful situation.


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In rare cases, nibbling is similar to the behavior of dogs experiencing oral or dental problems, so regular checkups with a vet will identify this issue.


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Oral Problems

Toothaches are never a good experience, and it’s not easy for your dog to tell you if they have one. Unfortunately, the only way for them to let you know is by nibbling on you or chewing your fingers softly to indicate it’s going through pain.

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It’s common for certain dog breeds, like labradors and pugs, to start gnawing and nibbling on you when they can’t control their excitement. This is especially true if you are the person closest to them because they are sincerely happy to see you. 

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Showing Love

Most times, this will be why your dog is nibbling on you since dogs are very affectionate animals if you’re a kind master.

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