Reasons Why Does My Dog Lay On Me


Many dog parents experience having their dog lie right against them, or perhaps even on top of them. And others may have noticed that their dog loves to lean against them frequently.

All these needy-looking types of behaviors will be explained by considering the real nature of our domesticated dogs. And, also help give you and your dog a chance at improving your puppy love.


Your Dog is Being Protective

Another reason why your dog might be doing this action a lot is that they become especially protective when you are around other people or animals.


Your Dog Loves Your Scent

Your distinctive smell is the scent of belonging. You may also catch your dog rolling on your bed, clothes, or sheets from time to time.


Your Dog Feels Safer

Sleeping or laying on top of you could be helping your fur-baby feel safer and less vulnerable.


Your Dog Wants Your Attention

Your dog is trying to get extra attention from you. This behavior would be more likely if you have not given your dog attention for a while.


Your Dog Is Happy

Yes, laying on top of you makes your dog happy. You have the love hormone Oxytocin to thank for that.

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