Reasons Why Do Puppies Whine So Much


We can all agree that puppies make the most adorable sounds—from their first little ‘awoo’ to those tiny excited barks. But they also seem to make a lot of whining sounds, which aren’t always as cute.

There are various reasons why your puppy may be whining. Some of this behavior could indicate a bigger problem, while others are simply normal puppy habits.


Learning to Communicate

Like human babies, puppies are still learning to communicate with those around them. Whining is a simple way for them to say, ‘I have a need, please help me.’


Feeling Lonely

One of the main reasons why puppies whine is because they’re feeling lonely. Dogs are social creatures, and your pup is still getting used to being away from its mother and siblings.


They Need Something

As mentioned, puppies use whining to tell us that they need something—whether it’s water, food, a toy, or potty time.


Asking for Attention

Puppies will sometimes whine when you are busy with another task or person and are not involving them.


They’re Bored

If your pup is cooped up in its crate and whining, it may be feeling bored. Remember that puppies have a lot of energy and they’ll become bored if you don’t keep them stimulated.

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