Reasons Why Do Puppies Whine So Much 

All dogs whine for various reasons, but puppies seem to cry a lot more than adult dogs.

To help you understand why your puppy is whining so much, let’s take a look at what they may be trying to tell you.

They’re Bored

If your pup is cooped up in its crate and whining, it may be feeling bored. Remember that puppies have a lot of energy and they’ll become bored if you don’t keep them stimulated.


Feeling Excited

When your puppy just can’t contain its excitement, it will verbalize these feelings through happy whining sounds.



Submissive Behavior

Whining is also part of submissive or appeasement behavior in dogs. If you come across your pup chewing on your shoes and start scolding them, they use this behavior to apologize.


Feeling Afraid

Your puppy is still learning about the world and it is normal for them to be scared when encountering certain things.


They’re Sick or Injured

If all your puppy’s needs are met and they don’t seem to be whining for attention, it could be that they are sick.

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