Reasons Why Do Dogs Roll On Their Backs and Wiggle

Image by Anja Schröder from Pixabay  

Dogs can be funny creatures. Their behavior is designed to confound us or at least make us laugh. One of those behaviors is the seemingly random act of rolling over on its back and wiggling.

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Let’s dig into this behavior and discover the possible reasons dogs roll in the grass, dirt, floor, park, or just about anywhere.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels 

Your Dog Is Itchy and Scratchy

The first possible reason, and the seemingly most obvious, is that your dog has an itch to scratch. After all, humans do it when the itch is unreachable — we look for a sharp wall end or door frame to wiggle on. 


Your Dog Is Trying to Be Cool

Most people know that dogs will pant or expose their tongues to cool off when they are hot. The belly, which usually has lighter fur, can also be exposed to offer additional relief.


Image by Liselotte Brunner from Pixabay 


Your Dog Is Greeting You (Or Others)

Some dogs love their humans. When they see you, they incline to show you that they welcome your presence and are no threat to you.

Image by Anja Schröder from Pixabay  


Your Dog Wants Attention

Similar in function to greeting you, your dog may also ask for some attention. Rolling over sometimes invites a play session.

Image by Michael Treu from Pixabay  


Your Dog Wants to Be a Secret Agent

The heading here is only tongue-in-cheek. It means a dog may roll on its back to obscure its scent in a particular environment.

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