Why Do Dogs Bark in their Sleep Story

Why Do Dogs Bark in their Sleep?

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What do doggos dream of? We imagine them chasing sticks and playing in fields while they dream, but perhaps they’re living their best fantasy lives — as far as a dog can fantasize, anyway!

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Here’s the lowdown on everything you never knew you wanted to know about why your dog barks in their sleep. 

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Dog Sleeping Phases

Non-REM Sleep  During this sleep phase, their heart rate gets slower, their body temperature goes lower, and their eyes may only be partially closed.


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How Often Should My Dog Bark While They Sleep?

If they’re active sleepers, that might mean your sleepy sidekick will have little barking episodes a couple of times while asleep each night.


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Should I Wake My Dog Up if They’re Barking in Their Sleep?

It’s better to let them wake up naturally, and if the dream seems to be closer to a nightmare, just be there to comfort them in case any memories of it linger.

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Can I Give My Dog a Sleeping Aid to Stop the Barking?

Medicine intended for humans shouldn’t be given freely to animals as it doesn’t always work the same way and may do more harm than good.

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What if My Dog Howls, Cries, or Whimpers as Well?

If these behaviors don’t carry over into your dog’s waking life, then there’s nothing to worry about.

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