When Do Puppies Get Easier? What to Expect and Do

When you get a puppy, you set yourself up for a fulfilling but challenging experience.

So, when exactly do puppies get easier? It doesn’t all happen at once. Here’s the basic rundown of what to expect and when. 

A Difficult Age

Puppies are generally adopted from about 8-10 weeks old. From that point, the first four to five months represent that period during which your pup learns the most about you and you about them.

Look Ahead to the Rewards

Whether they’re a working dog or a toy breed that prefers to lounge about on your couch, your relationship will likely be unique and fulfilling in a way only you will truly appreciate. 

The Puppy Blues

This early period of a dog’s development causes some stress for us as dog parents. Sometimes this is amusingly referred to as ‘The Puppy Blues’.

Here are some of the common challenges puppy owners face 

- House Training - Teething - Misbehavior - Biting

What Age is a Good Age?

We can consider most dogs reasonably mature at around 18 months. Bear in mind that smaller dogs mature faster than larger dogs. Also, each dog is different.

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