What Causes Hiccups in Dogs?

Hiccups in dogs occur the same way as in their human parents. In short, hiccups are an involuntary contraction of the muscle under the lungs, called the diaphragm.

Here are a few reasons for this cute sound escaping from your pup.

Overly Excited or Anxious Behavior

A common cause of hiccups is when your pup becomes stressed or even overly excited. Along with fervent playing comes rapid or irregular breathing.

Eating or Drinking Too Fast

For our beloved fluffy children, mealtimes are one of the ultimate highlights of their day – right up there with a belly scratch or a walk with their favorite human.

Upset Stomach

Some even believe that dogs hiccup when they’re trying to relieve an upset stomach. As such, it’s important to invest in good quality dog food for your pup to aid in healthy digestion.

Hiccups in Puppies

Puppies are much more prone to hiccupping than adult dogs. Much like your dog’s whining, it’s an almost inevitable part of puppyhood.

Are Your Puppy’s Hiccups Painful?

Although hiccups are annoying, you can rest assured that your pup is in no pain or extreme discomfort either.

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