What Are the Paw Patrol Dog Breeds | 13 Mighty Pups in Real Life Story


Mighty Pups in Real Life | What Are the Paw Patrol Dog Breeds

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These cute animated puppers have wormed their way into the hearts of fans, young and old alike, and now everyone wants their very own Skye or Tracker.

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From Dalmations to Labradors, these Mighty Pups are on a roll. Here are the top 13 breeds of your favorite animated doggos. 

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Tuck and Ella Paw Patrol Breeds – the Golden Retrievers

The Mighty Twins, Tuck and Ella are Golden Retrievers, which makes them brave and goofy to a fault.


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Rex the Bernese Mountain Dog

This little Paw Patrol pup is known for his sweetness and caring nature, but Rex looks tiny compared to his big, strong, real-life counterpart.


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Liberty the Long-Haired Dachshund

Liberty is curious and lively with boundless energy and a sassy sense of humor to boot. Long-Haired Dachshunds are also lively dogs with a courageous nature and an independent — and sometimes obstinate — tendency.

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Al the Basset Hound

In Paw Patrol, Al is a trucker with a love for lugnuts. He’s fun and wise, and his sense of smell is unparalleled. Basset Hounds in real life are great at scent work — they’re second only to Bloodhounds, in fact.

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Luna the Black Labrador 

Active, friendly, and loyal — that’s Black Labradors for you. Luna might be a shy pup, but she lives to help others. Black Labs might be more social and eager to meet new people in real life, though, and they bond strongly with their families.

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