Things Owners Need to Know I  Teacup Bichon Frise

Think small, think fluffy, and then think super cute. The Teacup Bichon Frise is a miniature version of their sister pups, the Bichon Frise.

If their soft gaze and toy-like physique aren’t already pulling at your heartstrings, then read on to find out more about these adorable marshmallow-like, poofy, fluffy doggos

Dietary Requirements

To keep your Bichon in good condition and shape, you should measure the food and feed them twice a day, rather than leaving food out for them 24/7.


Veterinary Care

Teacup Bichon Frise doggos require extra attention when it comes to veterinary care and their health.



The Lifespan of the Bichon

Provided the Teacup Bichon Frise has been bred using ethical breeding standards, its lifespan should be around 12 to 15 years.


Housing Requirements for Happy Pups

These pups were bred to be the ideal lap companions. As such, they are mostly found on the couch right next to their owners, preferably curled up on a lap.


Exercise Needs and Playtime

While these pups are playful and lively, the Teacup Bichon Frise requires minimal exercise; this could mostly be because of its size.

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